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Taking the High Hourse Around the Pasture
by causticgit (causticgit)
at August 17th, 2005 (04:51 pm)

Mood Swinging To:: Miffed. Properly miffed, yo.
Singing Along (badly) To:: If I Could Save Time in a Bottle

Night before last, I rode my high horse on a sea of impending blood. It was the night before my period started, and so this was classic PMS.

My dear Duck finally got online after a week of being missing in the jungles of India. I was feeling rather peaky to begin with, but she set me off something royal. I wanted to rant and scream about how she was being self-indulgent, playing into her romantic fantasies, and completely irresponsible when it came to living her real life, which is, at least for now, here in NJ, not on an orange farm in India. I didn't say of that, however, because I suspected it was hormone-induced, and instead removed myself. I'm sorry for seeming a bit off or rude, but it's better than the alternative.

Instead, I went downstairs to talk to my Mommy, who laughed at us both. Me for PMSing, and her for being our beloved, idealistic Duck. When else is Ms. Duck going to be able to be indulgent than now, when she's young? THat logic didn't help much at the time, but at least I've got some perspective back and I can mostly believe it.

So, Ms. Duck, I am still perturbed at your self-indulgence and fantasies, but no longer fuming or thinking you should be smacked upside the head for it. I entirely blame the hormones, and will instead just keep you grounded when you seem to be leaving the Earth. ;) I do love you, Ducky, and all your silliness.

Today, I'm bleeding. Two ruined pairs of panties and counting. Sheets ok, which is a mirakalee. I feel better about feeling like a racing bitch, though, because I talked to Mrs. Bug and she was also PMSing yesterday, only she did rant and scream and her mother looked ready to smack her.

I don't understand where this comes from. My mother almost never gets like this. Hell, I was weepy yesterday, first day, over not having anything decently greasy to order for supper. I should NOT go shopping or order food during my period, because I get weepy about not being able to have wheat. At least I have arrowroot animal crackers.


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: August 19th, 2005 07:10 pm (UTC)
Krajki sympathizes...

If it makes you feel any better, I can totally sympathize. I am in half-weepy, half-bitchy mode and all I want is to curl up and talk to some people on the phone and eat a lot of Lindt.

If that's not PMS, then I am damned. And you can quote me on that.

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