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causticgit [userpic]
by causticgit (causticgit)
at August 15th, 2005 (09:21 pm)

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Singing Along (badly) To:: songs from InuYasha

Ok, so, starting Friday evening, I started getting cramps. My Saturday morning, they were APPALLINGLY horrendous. I mean, I could feel my entire abdomen swelling and contracting. I swear I felt my fucking fallopian tubes getting squished around. And even the muscles in and around my pelvis were doing cartwheels. The PAIN... I got up at 7 to take Advil and try pacing, in the hopes that 'exercise is good for relieving cramps' would have some truth to it.

It is utter fucking BULLSHIT.

I spent the weekend on painkillers.

If this becomes a serious pattern, I'm going to go nuts. It's been around 6 weeks, so I'm guessing pain is proportional to time. My cycle, like my body, is still trying to find a pattern.

It's Monday now and I'm sure that because I haven't got a pad on, it'll start overnight. Just to be wicked that way.

Hail Godiva...